Need To Be Right, Just Once

cyber security

It’s the digital era which is making us go crazy with advanced technologies and software’s, making our lives easier. The technological evolution has also made a huge impact over all industries and through the latest developments it is makingthe organizational workflow simpler. With technology and the plethora of software increasing at an unprecedented rate, there is relatively a growing threat for each application or the software we install. Experts have predicted that by 2020 organizations Pan-United States will focus on the Cyber Security Threats first rather than the new technology installation in their organization. No company can give room to any gap between the security and the data they have, as the hackers need to be right, just once” to get all information out and get the company in trouble.

The next question that arises is, Is your data safe? Do you think the Cyber Security software you are using will assure you with security? Can the hackers hack your system?

Answering would be difficult, as you are not sure if you are on the right track owing to the fact that each software we see in today’s world has a loophole within itself. Whenever a new company emerges claiming to offer advanced security software, we would be glad to read about it look at the advertisement go for demo session and then say Yes! this is it! If you can analyze it clearly it would be the same kind of software that others are offering but with few extra features.

How you can resolve this?

Choosing the solution according to your company’s functionality:

Today, there are numerous cybersecurity solution providers who are range from those who focus on particular industries, sector or sections of companies. Organizations when on the lookout for solutions that can curb the cyber threats need to look into such specialized solution providers as they will be able to analyze the company in an enhanced manner and give the most robust solution. It is pertinent to note that these solution providers will not be able to resolve 100 percent of the problems however, they will be able to control 80-90 percent threats that may impact your organization in a massive way.

Invest right:

Capital has and will be always be a cause of concern for organizations and most of the cybersecurity solutions available out there may not be light on the pocket. However, it is advisable to invest in the right solution for the organization, even though it maybe heavy on the monetary side rather than investing in small scale solutions which will serve their purpose until a new threat arises and it is time to change the solution again. The right investment will help companies in the long run.

Understand do not rely:

Understand the objective of why there is a need to choose the right vendor (however, we would not not suggest you have to rely completely on the vendors or what they say). End of the day they are trying to sell what they have and it is a company’s responsibility to make sure they get suggestions, reviews and more over speak to someone in their industry and understand how the competitors are handling the situations.

It is never late or too early to invest in cybersecurity for any organization as one has to make sure that the effort and the money being invested should always fetch results. The conclusion that maybe drawn is we should never shy away from investing on the correct solution, as we always have to remember the hackers need to be right, just once” !