Complete Security, Round the Clock

Russ Armbrust, CEO


With technology evolving continuously, organizations are witnessing rising cyber terrorism and stricter data protection directives. Colorado-based VirtualArmour specializes in serving highly regulated industries—including Healthcare, Financial, Retail, Energy and Service Industries—that are driven by compliance. The global premier cybersecurity managed security services firm has been leading the pack with 24/7 managed security and network services for the past decade.

VirtualArmour prides themselves on delivering a high-touch, high-quality, customized security program for each of their customers while maintaining the necessary level of standardization and consistency to ensure an unprecedented level of organizational protection. The company specializes in Advanced Networking and Cybersecurity through the delivery of Managed Services – which includes 24x7x365 alerting, management, monitoring, maintenance and most importantly prevention; Professional Services – which provides for design, architecture, consulting, assessments, implementation, migration and training; Hardware and Software Resell – when clients need a refresh to the latest technology.

The company’s proprietary CloudCastr portal provides a navigable, real-time “bird’s eye view” of the client’s organization’s security position. CloudCastr integrates into a single web-based dashboard all of the business’s network devices and security software that exists across multiple locations. The intelligently designed interface provides visual, real-time dynamic monitoring and reporting on threat levels, breach prevention, and overall network security.

It allows VirtualArmour customers to understand and mitigate threats in real time. CloudCastr also provides VirtualArmour visibility into a customer’s network and supports rapid 24/7 response time from its global security operation centers.

VirtualArmour’s team of security engineers proactively hunt threats in customer’s environment, looking at both current logs and events, as well as retroactively looking through historical data to determine if the organization was affected by the latest zero-day attack. By looking at the full security lifecycle, from initial alerting, to the investigation phase (breach analysis, incident response, and event correlation), to resolution (root cause analysis, mitigation, and remediation) VirtualArmour builds a complete picture of the environment, which allows them to focus on the most import thing, prevention. Beyond security, VirtualArmour has deep expertise in advanced networking, architecting and managing networks of all sizes. The company believes that networking and information security go hand-in-hand, as true security begins from the ground up, not as an afterthought to tick a compliance checkbox.

VirtualArmour works differently than any run-of-the-mill cybersecurity solution provider. They identify and act on potential security threats through real-time monitoring; once a risk is identified, it is actioned within 15 minutes by an engineer and reported via the client portal, Cloudcastr. The company’s next-generation endpoint protection solutions provide continuous breach protection by constant prevention, detection, visibility, and intelligence so that organizations can be protected before, during and even after a breach. As part of VirtualArmour’s managed security services, their engineers actively monitor an organization’s firewall and overall security- 24/7/365.

In an instant, a large Health Insurance provider was looking for a threat intelligence platform that would offer a tailored solution providing ongoing monitoring, updating, and tuning of their environments. In effect, they wanted a partner to enhance their security posture. With limited in-house resources, they knew they were struggling in these areas. VirtualArmour was the right fit because the company provided factual information and limited the number of false positives they were receiving. By reducing noise, VirtualArmour also reduced stress and “make work” tasks while increasing overall security effectiveness for the client which gave enhanced results and round the clock security.

For the days to come, VirtualArmour is gearing up to launch a new version of their proprietary CloudCastr client portal. In this new version, there will be numerous recent features, such as reporting, invoicing and some more predictability pieces around the security environment.